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Who starred in?

"Who starred in?" is a mobile game app. You have to guess the actor/actress who starred in the listed movie. Easy to use and heaps of fun. Its free and has no ads. It does not need an internet connection.


Heaps of fun for all ages. Scratch away the blue to reveal a picture and memorise the picture. All within 5 seconds. Then guess what the picture is from three answers that are provided. There are hundreds of pictures to keep you entertained for hours.

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Where U At?

“Where U At?” is an easy to use app that enables you to track family, friends and work colleagues. It is free and contains NO adds or in-app purchases. You can create different groups of people or join groups created by other people. You can only see locations of people to whose group you belong to. This allows you to keep your groups separate and private. For example, you can track family and friends, but having them in separate groups means they can’t see each other.

Once a group is created by yourself, others can join by using the same group name and group password, that you provide them. Only the group creator/administrator needs to the provide an email address. This allows young family members to be part of a group without providing an email address. It also makes joining a group easy-peasy.

You can display the locations of all members in the group on a map or in a list. You can also display the last 10 locations visited by any member in the group. This can be viewed in a list or on a map.


Easy Peasy Block Breaker

This is a simple block breaker game.
There are no Ads. There are no in-App purchases.
The game is 100% free.
Enjoy 15 levels of fun breaking blocks.
It is easy to use.
Intuitive user Interface.
Can be played offline.



Destroy the blocks before the ball touches them. Be careful though, the more blocks you destroy the less points you get.

No adverts.
No in-app purchases.
Completely free.
Can be played offline.

Easy to play.
15 Levels of fun.


Space Fighter 2D

No Ads. Completely Free.

1000 Waves of awesome fun.

Shoot down as many aliens as possible and survive to move to the next wave.

Player's Space Fighter can shoot lasers and guided photon torpedoes.

Player's fighter fire rate, guided photon torpedoes, number of guns and health increases as game progresses.

Buy more health if required.


Beach Ballz

Beach Ballz is a fun and easy game to play.

There are NO ads! The game is 100% free.

The aim of the game is to stop the girls from getting into the water. Place defenders to stop the girls. Defenders cost ballz. Earn ballz with the Beach Ball inflator.

Stop enough girls in the allotted time to move to the next level.

Buy more ballz if required.


The Hooded Hero

• 100% Free

• 100% Free

• No Ads

• No in-app purchases
Guide the hooded hero through the enchanted forest, treacherous mines and gory dungeon.Kill all the vile evil creatures on each level to progress.Collect as many coins as you can to buy health and increase your sword swing speed.20 long levels of fun and adventure.



• No Ads

Guide the cowgirls through the wild west, enchanted forest, treacherous mines, gory dungeon and snow wonderland.
Kill all the menacing cowboys and vile evil creatures on each level to progress.
Collect as many coins as you can to buy health.
30 long levels of fun and adventure.
Choose from 6 cowgirl characters - Jessie, Annie, Dallas, Becky, Molly and Sadie.
Choose from 5 different weapons.